Project STARS

project starsProject STARS: Start Taking Action to Restrict Smoking (Community Outreach and Biomarker Feedback for Smoke-Free African American Homes)

Principal Investigator

Janet Thomas, PhD, LP 


Jasjit Ahluwalia, MD; Lawrence An, MD; Deborah J. Hennrikus, PhD; Xianghua Luo, PhD; David Wetter, PhD; Lorraine Reitzel, PhD


Stephen Hecht, PhD; Belinda Borrelli, PhD, Mel Hovell, PhD, Isaac Lipkus, PhD, Katharine Hammond, PhD

Community Engagement Team

Alysha Price, Olufunke Ogunfolami, Sasha Orange, Alexandra Ross, Stephanie Chambless, Jill Bengston, Winta Ghidei

Project Manager

Meredith Schreier, BA


National Institute of Health and National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities 


The objective of Project STARS is to investigate the use of objective laboratory results documenting child exposure to second hand smoke (biomarker feedback) on parental adoption of home smoking restrictions. The goal of Project STARS is to decrease child exposure to environmental tobacco toxins by increasing parental awareness and smoking behavior change. By providing mothers who smoke with information on their child’s exposure to tobacco toxins, we hope to create an impetus for smoking behavior change including limiting child exposure to tobacco smoke through smoking cessation or home smoking bans. Investigators will enroll 200 families, randomizing them to receive five sessions of Motivation and Problem Solving Counseling incorporating the biomarker feedback or Control.