Project ScOPE

Project ScOPE (School Obesity-related Policy Evaluation)

project scopePrincipal Investigator

Marilyn "Susie" Nanney, PhD, MPH, RD 

Co-Principal Investigators

Toben F. Nelson, ScD, MSMartha Y. Kubik, PhD, MSN, RNCRichard MacLehose, PhD  

Project Coordinator

Katherine Grannon, MPH, RD

project scope teamScOPE Team

Biostatistics and Data Management Support

Cynthia DaveyBrandon CoombesMichael O’Connell; Susan Lowry  


Peter Rode of the Minnesota Department of Health  


National Institute of Child Health and Human Development  


The goals of this school focused obesity prevention policy evaluation study are to 1) evaluate the associations between school-level food and physical activity policy, practice environments, student diet, activity behaviors, and weight status and 2) determine the extent that the policy and practice environments of districts and schools align with states. A serial cross sectional study design combining existing databases will be used to accomplish these goals; Minnesota Student Survey (1998-2013), Minnesota School Health Profiles (2002-2012) and School Health Policies and Programs Study (2000-2012).  

ScOPE Infograpic

ScOPE Infograpic 

Scope Infographic








Research Instruments and Supporting Documents 



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