Project BREAK!

project-breakProject BREAK!

Principal Investigator

Marilyn "Susie" Nanney, PhD, MPH, RD 

Project Coordinator

Sara Coulter, MPH, RD

Biostats and Data Management

Qi Wang, MS, and Susan Lowry


Andy Berndt of Community BluePrint    


National Cancer Institute


Project BREAK was a joint effort between four Minnesota high schools and the University of Minnesota, Program in Health Disparities Research. The goal of the project was to determine whether or not student participation in the School Breakfast Program could be increased by adding convenient breakfast serving and eating locations. Researchers surveyed 208 randomly selected students to determine if the additional serving and eating locations affected student participation, student diet (total calories of food categories consumed in a day) and student body mass index.  

Findings and Results 

Publications and Presentations  

Supporting Documents and Research Instruments 

During the study, students teamed up with Project Break! to create promotional videos to help increase student breakfast at their schools. Below are three student videos created in conjunction with Community Blueprint.