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Food insecurity and lack of access to healthy food are joint risk factors for obesity. Families who are food insecure and lack access to healthy food often rely on the hunger relief system to meet their needs. The goal of this study is to establish a feasible and reliable tool to measure the healthfulness of food at food shelves. Such a tool will allow food shelves to monitor and report the nutritional quality of the food that they provide over time.  Another aim is to test the feasibility of applying this measure to food shelf client selections.  This work is necessary to understand how the healthfulness of what is available at food shelves directly impacts the healthfulness of food selected by low-income families. As client choice is often constrained in food shelves, we anticipate that food shelf availability strongly predicts client selection. Assessing healthfulness with a validated measure at both the food shelf and client level will allow us to identify avenues for improving both healthy food availability, as well as client selection. This study will take place at 5 Twin Cities food shelves (aka food pantries - direct client food distributors) and one food bank (large warehouse distribution centers that provide food to food shelves). A sample of 60 food shelf clients (12 at each food shelf) will be recruited to measure client selections.

HITT tools

The HITT Tool can be downloaded off of Google Drive: Food Assortment Scoring Tool (FAST) 

Note: When you open the exel spreadsheet you must click the button at the top of the document "Enable Conent" for all funtions of the tool to work. 

FAST food categories with examples

FAST Data Collection Sheet

Reserach Team

  • Katherine Grannon, Project Coordinator
  • Mark Janowiec, Programmer
  • Qi Wang, Statistician 

Community Partners

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Caspi CE, Kratchmer L, Grannon K, Schmidt S, King R, Wilder P, Keenan P, Nanney MS. H.I.T.T. for Health: Creating a Healthy Inventory Tracking Tool to Measure the Healthfulness of Food in the Hunger Relief SystemOral presentation at Promoting Health Equity Conference, Minneapolis, MN, May 2016. 

Caspi CE, Kratchmer L, Grannon K, Schmidt S, King R, Wilder P, Keenan P, Nanney MS.  Measuring the nutritional quality of food across the hunger relief system. University of Minnesota, Center for Health Equity Works In Progress Seminar, Minneapolis, MN, May 2016