Childhood Obesity Prevention

childhood_obesity_prevention_research_studyUsing Obesity Research to Shape State Policy


A faculty-community collaborative will analyze the process of childhood obesity policymaking in Minnesota. The objective is to develop a system for communicating timely and relevant evidence to policymakers.  

Resources for Decision Makers 

Co-Principal Investigators

Marilyn "Susie" Nanney, PhD, MPH, RDSarah Gollust, PhD, Co-Principal Investigator of Division of Health Policy and Management  


Sara Benning, MLS, Children Family Youth Consortium 


  • Rachel Callanan, JD, Midwest Region American Heart Association
  • Susan Weisman, JD, Public Health Law Center
  • Susan Bishop, Worksite Wellness Coordinator, Minnesota Dept. of Health
  • William Burleson, Communications Coordinator, Minnesota Dept. of Health
  • Representative Bob Dettmer
  • Representative Kim Norton
  • Martha Roberts, State Initiatives Team Supervisor at Minnesota Dept. of Health Communications and Evaluation Supervisor at Minnesota Dept. of Health

Research Assistants

  • Hanna Kite
  • Elizabeth Walker
  • Judy Jou
  • Alexis Russel


Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute (2011-2012) and National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (2012-2014)

Published Papers