Call to Quit

call-to-quitCall to Quit: Effects of Motivational Interviewing Counseling on Utilization of a Quitline among Smokers in Primary Care

Principal Investigator 

Kola Okuyemi, MD, MPH  


Janet Thomas, PhD; Hongfei Guo, PhD; Kathryn Goldade, PhD; Jasjit S. Ahluwalia, MD; Matthew Carpenter, PhD; Christi Patten, PhD; Edward Ellerbeck, MD

Project Managers

Janice Taramelli, MS and Barrett Sewali, MBChB  


Clearway Minnesota  


Despite evidence supporting the effectiveness of smoking cessation telephone helplines, these programs generally reach less than 5% of smokers. The study’s primary aim was to determine if a 3-session phone based MI intervention versus only written materials was successful at encouraging initially unmotivated adult smokers to utilize the Minnesota quitlines. The majority of smokers, whether motivated to quit smoking or not, visit their primary care provider each year. Researchers proposed that engaging smokers in the primary care setting has a high potential to increase the reach and use of Minnesota’s quitlines.  

Supporting Documents