Health Equity in Policy Initiative (HEPI)

hepi-health_equity_policy_initiativeHEPI Overview

Health Equity in Policy Initiative (HEPI) is a component of the Program in Health Disparities Research at the University of Minnesota Medical School.


Marilyn S. "Susie" Nanney, PhD, HEPI Director 
Michele Allen, MD, MS, PHDR Interim Director


Our mission is to bridge persistent information gaps between researchers, communities and policy-making bodies, specifically related to health disparities. 


To leverage community and research for a collective voice to inform more equitable and effective health policies.

To support researchers in the generating of evidence to support health equity in all policy.

To engage communities in using research and personal stories to share concerns and recommendations with decision makers to support health equity in all policy.


Our team welcomes all opportunities to share more about the project process and findings. For inquiries, please contact

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