Obesity Credit Courses


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UMN Credit Courses Focusing on Obesity Prevention and Policy

The University of Minnesota offers two online courses focusing on childhood obesity prevention. These courses open to both undergraduate and graduate students. Please consider signing up today!

Courses Offered for 2015-2016

PubH 3950/6950

From Kid to Community: Personal, Social and Environmental Influences on Youth Obesity 
(2-credit, online course) 
Fall 2016

This course will provide an overview of public health strategies for the prevention of pediatric obesity. The course will include an overview of the epidemiology of child and adolescent obesity with a focus on social-ecological risk factors. Extensive discussion on the implications of these risk factors for developing environmentally-focused interventions and programs will be included.


PubH 3955/6900

Using Policy to Address Child and Adolescent Obesity Prevention 
(1-credit, online course)
Spring 2016 

Pending final approval from the University, this course will be offered during the first half of Spring 2016 and will provide an overview of federal, state and local policy approaches and national initiatives for the prevention of child and adolescent obesity. Specific examples of relevant policies will be discussed at the local, state and federal levels, including discussion on the evidence of impact of policies on child and adolescent overweight, as well as racial/ethnic and socioeconomic disparities. The use of evidence in the policy decision-making process will also be explored.