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PubH 6815: Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR)

Course Overview

Are you interested in making change in the world by applying your knowledge along side of the knowledge of others?

Are you interested in making change in the world by applying your knowledge along side of the knowledge of others? Are you interested in taking a course that uses participatory techniques as the primary way of learning? This semester-long introductory Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR) course may be of interest to you.

Topics explored include: the purpose and applications of CBPR; partnership formation and maintenance; issues of power, trust, race, class, and social justice; conflict resolution; ethical issues; and CBPR's relationship to cultural and community knowledge systems.

Learn more about Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR).

Note: This is not a research “methods” course. Methodological approaches sometimes used in CBPR, such as community needs assessment, focus groups, or surveys will not be addressed.


Fall Semester, 2017; Beginning September 11


Room 105, 717 Delaware St (East Bank of the Minneapolis U of M campus) 

Who can take it?

The course is intended for community practitioners and grad students in any U of MN college or department (and others in academia) interested in adding CBPR to their repertoire of effective approaches to understanding and addressing health and social disparities. 

  • Graduate Students: Graduate students and others in academia will pay tuition and receive 2 credits. Graduate students taking the course for credit should register through the usual University of Minnesota registration mechanism.
  • Community Practitioners: Community practitioners can take the course for free and receive a certificate of completion. Community members are not required to take the course for credit and may take the course for free and register by emailing a 1 paragraph biography and statement about their reasons for wanting to take the course to: jorda003@umn.edu and susananngust@gmail.com.

Your Guides

susan_gustSusan Gust 
Community Development Consultant 


Cathy Jordan, PhD
Associate Professor, Pediatrics & Extension

Course Format

The course format is a “hybrid approach” with much of the content and background material delivered through readings, websites, videos, etc. posted online. The class will meet for 2 hours weekly in interactive, participatory sessions including discussion, small group work, exercises and simulations. CBPR practitioners will stop by and if possible, we will visit the Cultural Wellness Center, an important community partner. Students will be expected to complete independent readings, online learning, and reflections between sessions, and will complete a final individual or group project of their choosing from a suggested list of formats.