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Partners in Research: Community and Faculty Training Curricula to Prepare Partners for Community-based Participatory Research Collaborations

These training materials consist of two separate but parallel comprehensive curricula designed to prepare community members from immigrant and refugee communities and academic faculty to collaborate on community-based participatory research (CBPR) projects. The training is oriented towards research and CBPR naïve community members and CBPR naïve researchers who are developing new partnerships.

Curriculum for Community Scholars

The CBPR curriculum for the community scholars includes six sessions (3 hours each). Topics are:

  1.  Introduction to CBPR,
  2.  Overview of research,
  3.  Quantitative/qualitative design and analysis,
  4.  Research ethics from community perspective,
  5.  Key challenges to CBPR partnerships,
  6.  Partnering skills to address key challenges (empowerment approach) including communication strategies and shared decision making.  

Curriculum for Faculty

The faculty curriculum consists of 2 sessions (3 hours each). Topics are: 

  1.  Introduction to CBPR,
  2.  Key challenges to CBPR partnerships,
  3.  Partnering skills to address key challenges,
  4.  Ethics in CBPR,
  5.  IRB applications,
  6.  Financials in CBPR. 


Materials include Power Point slides, training manuals, exercises, and handouts for each audience. The development of these materials was funded by NIH grant number R03DA0266632-01.

These materials have been published through CES4Health:

Academic Faculty Training Materials

Suggested Citation

  • Allen ML, Culhane-Pera K, Call KT, Pergament S. (2010) Partners in Research: Curricula to Prepare Community and Faculty for CBPR Partnerships., 2011.

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