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Membership Application Form

Privileges of Membership

PHDR members:

  • Will be eligible to apply for grant funding from PHDR.
  • Will have opportunities to receive pre-submission peer review of grant manuscripts.
  • Will be invited to "members only" meetings with national scholars in the Distinguished Visiting Scholar Series in Health Disparities.
  • Will have opportunities to present research findings.
  • Qualified trainees will be eligible to apply for travel scholarships.
  • Will have opportunities to get “sneak peeks” of upcoming funding opportunities.
  • Will have opportunities to participate in community volunteer events.
  • Will be invited to attend monthly program meetings and receive updates and announcements.
  • Will have opportunities to learn about community based participatory research/community-engaged research.
  • Will have opportunities to network with academic & community experts dedicated to health disparities research.
  • Opportunity to contribute to the program newsletter.

Responsibilities of Membership

  • Apply for membership and maintain an active status by attending periodic meetings, conferences and seminars organized by the Program.
  • Acknowledge Program affiliation when appropriate in health disparities-related publications and presentations.
  • Provide updates on research projects being done by members' organization and publications in the area of health disparities.

Criteria for Membership

Member categories include:

  • Community members: Anyone with an interest in health disparities.
  • Faculty: Holds a faculty appointment at the University of Minnesota and has an interest in health disparities.
  • Trainees: Holds a training position with an interest in health disparities.
  • University non-faculty and staff: Professional or Civil Service staff with an interest in health disparities.

Review for Continued Membership

  • Membership is generally maintained unless there is a major change in career or research activities or appointment with the University of Minnesota has terminated. Membership status for students and trainees will be revisited biennially to ensure a membership criterion is met and to also update the information on file.