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The_ConnectionThe Connection is the newsletter published by the Program in Health Disparities Research. Each issue provides information on health disparities and equality from many different perspectives: from researchers at the University to organizations working within the community.

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A successful relationship between mentor and mentee can result in advancements in many arenas as well as enhanced mentee productivity, self-efficacy, and career satisfaction (Manson, 2009).

Archive of Past Newsletters


The Connection Newsletter - October 2015

The Connection Newsletter - April 2016

Mentoring in the Health Sciences: Effective mentoring is one of the most critical components of a successful academic career.

  • Health Equity Leadership and Mentoring (HELM) Program
  • National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN)


The Connection Newsletter - June 2014
LGBT Health Newsletter
Special edition by: Program in Health Disparities Research, Center for Health Equity, Rainbow Health Initiative

  • Income and LGBT Health
  • Discrimination can Last a Lifetime
  • LGBT Smoking in Minnesota
  • UMN Faculty Conducting LGBT Research
  • Active Living/Commuting Issues in the LGBT Community
  • Rainbow Health Initiative

The Connection Newsletter - November/December 2013
The Scandal Season Premiere Party: Pinked Out Edition, A creative approach to community engagement

  • Use of Radio Stories as a Health Education Tool for Type 2 Diabetes: Preliminary results from a SoLaHmo pilot study
  • The Prescription/Pain Paradox 

The Connection Newsletter - March 2013 

  • What's Going On?: Twin Cities Birthing Project Pilot 
  • Research Briefs: Disparities in Minnesota School Food Environments
  • Moving Forward: School Breakfast Program: Grant Approved to Further Expand and Promote 
  • Fairly Healthy: Doula Care, Birth Outcomes and Cost Savings


The Connection Newsletter - December 2012

  • What's Going On?: Tobacco and Substance Use Among Youth
  • Research Briefs: Michele Allen, M.D., M.S. on the Padres Informados/Jóvenes Preparados study
  • Moving Forward: Reducing Latino Teen Tobacco and Substance Use by Strengthening Parent-Youth Relationships
  • Fairly Healthy: Health Equity for the LGBT Community 

The Connection Newsletter - April 2012

  • What's Going On?: 2012 Pilot Grants in Health Disparities Research Program
  • Research Briefs: Costly Dental Disparities
  • Moving Forward: SagePlus: Minnesota's Free Heart Health Screening Program
  • Campus-Wide: HOPE Clinic: Caring for the Underserved and Uninsured
  • Fairly Healthy: Understanding Adverse Birth Outcomes

The Connection Newsletter - December 2011

  • What's Going On?: Announcing Clipper Clinic
  • Moving Forward: Partnering for Health Promotion
  • The Bigger Picture: Sustaining Weight Regulation, pt III
  • Fairly Healthy: Saving the Safety Net

The Connection Newsletter - August 2011

  • Campus-Wide: Peripheral Artery Disease Continues to Drive Escalating Health Care Costs
  • Meet the Council: Diana DuBois, M.P.H., M.I.A.
  • The Bigger Picture: Sustaining Weight Regulation, pt II
  • Fairly Healthy: Addressing Rural Health Disparities

The Connection Newsletter - May 2011

  • Nation-Wide: The Changing Face of America's Population
  • Health Perspectives: Decreasing the Risk of Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Campus-Wide: Program in Health Disparities Research Celebrates Five Years of Collaborative Work
  • The Bigger Picture: Sustaining Weight Regulation
  • Fairly Healthy: Childhood Poverty

The Connection Newsletter - January 2011

  • Campus-Wide: Using Technology to Help Young Adults Achieve Healthy Weight
  • Nation-Wide: The Silent Epidemic of Oral Health Disparities
  • Member News: Children of Smokers Have Tobacco Carcinogens in Urine; Research Team Recognized for Outstanding Abstracts
  • Translating Research: A Community-based Approach to Tobacco Availability 
  • Fairly Healthy: The Latino Paradox



The Connection Newsletter - November 2010

  • Campus-Wide: Extra Abdomen Weight and Risk of Death After Colon Cancer Diagnosis
  • Moving Forward: Closing the Gap through Mobile Technology
  • Special Communication: Community Networks Program for Cancer Disparities
  • Translating Research: Behind the Scenes of a Grant Review Panel 
  • Fairly Healthy: The Unequal Distribution of Health in the Twin Cities

The Connection Newsletter - September 2010

  • Campus-Wide: U of M Extension Funded for Poverty Reduction Strategies
  • Current Affairs: Minnesotans Without Health Insurance
  • Nation-Wide: Alcohol Availability and Predictors of Health Disparities
  • Translating Research: Physical Activity and Enhanced Neighborhoods 
  • Fairly Healthy: Disparities in End-of-Life Costs

The Connection Newsletter - July 2010

  • Nation-Wide: Hidden Breast Cancer Disparities in Asian Women in the U.S.
  • Campus-Wide: U of M Studies Why Some Ethnic Groups Have Higher Lung Cancer Risk
  • Current Initiatives: 2010 Pilot Grants in Health Disparities Research
  • Translating Research: Disparities in Hospice Use among Patients with Heart Failure 
  • Fairly Healthy: What Role do U.S. Medical Schools Play in Eliminating Health Disparities?

The Connection Newsletter - May 2010

  • Translating Research: Physical Activity and States of Fitness
  • Nation-Wide: Healthier Menus for Chicago Schools
  • Community Works: 2008 Grant Awardees Interview
  • Fairly Healthy: Equal Opportunities for Health

The Connection Newsletter - March 2010

  • Current Initiatives: 2010 Pilot Grants
  • Campus-Wide: Smoking Cessation Clinical Trials
  • Community Works: 2008 Grant Awardees Interview
  • Fairly Healthy: Physician Workforce Disparities

The Connection Newsletter - January 2010

  • Across the Nation: Smoking Costs for African Americans in California
  • Research Brief: Secondhand Smoke in Multi-Unit Housing
  • Member Spotlight: Measuring and Reducing Clinician Bias
  • Campus-Wide: Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Military Personnel
  • Fairly Healthy: The Cost of Inaction

The Connection Newsletter - November 2009

  • Translating Research: Metabolic Syndrome in Latino Children
  • Campus-Wide: New U of M Program to Address Oral Health Disparities
  • What's Going On?: Awards Dinner and Poster Presentation
  • Fairly Healthy: Environmental Justice

The Connection Newsletter - September 2009

  • Campus-Wide: Honoring a Gift
  • Meet the Board: Beverly Propes, P.H.N., R.N.
  • What's Going On?: Improving Treatment Adherence and Outcomes in Homeless Smokers
  • Translating Research: Heart Failure and Lifestyle Prevention Factors
  • Fairly Healthy: Reform We Can Believe In

The Connection Newsletter - July 2009

  • Moving Forward: Urban Partnership and Community Development Center
  • Racial Disparities in Total Knee Replacements
  • Guest Post: Understanding the Transitioning Character of African Immigrant's Health
  • The Bigger Picture: Location Still Matters
  • Fairly Healthy: Occupational Health Disparities and Immigration

The Connection Newsletter - May 2009

  • Campus-Wide: Health Care Reform 
  • Meet the Board: Joanna Ramirez-Barrett
  • An Investment in Food Support Programs is an Investment in Local Economies
  • Translating Research: High Intensity Physical Activity
  • Fairly Healthy: Bioethics of Health Disparities

The Connection Newsletter - March 2009

  • Current Initiatives: Planning Grants in Health Disparities Research
  • Pregnancy Prevention Interventions
  • Community Works: The Harms of Secondhand Smoke to Infants and Young Children
  • What's Going On?: Mental Health Disparities
  • Fairly Healthy: Native American Health Disparities

The Connection Newsletter - January 2009

  • Community Engagement: Hepatitis B in Asian Communities
  • Meet the Board: Clarence Jones
  • Campus-Wide: Stressful Life Events and Eating Behaviors
  • The Bigger Picture: Long Road to Calorie 3500, Pt. II
  • Fairly Healthy: Economic Impacts of Inequity